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The Royals in Manly

    With the royals visiting Manly (My local town) today the excitement is boiling over and helps me think that we are all princesses in our own way. I know I feel like one today as I prep for my sisters wedding tomorrow.

    I’ve just hopped out of the shower after using our Body Scrub.  I’m so in love with it. I don’t know why I always forget to use it. My skin feels about 10 years younger, so soft and moisturized already! It’s made with Organic raw sugar, Himalayan rock crystals and the amazing organic oils – Camellia, Jojoba and coconut, moisturize your skin like nobody’s business! I always follow with our body butter made with Organic Calendula oil, Macadamia & Vitamin E (oh and it’s paraben free) I have quite dry skin so I use this daily and find that it keeps my skin hydrated all day long. I can’t stand that dry, about-to-crack- feeling so I personally love it!

    As summer is trying to hold on, my dry skin is telling me otherwise. So my friends do yourself a favour and give your skin some nourishment this April.