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With the release of our new L’AMOUR collection; I thought it would be a great time to reveal the inspiration behind the collection.

L’amour is French inspired, highlighting the understated class and sophistication that we associate with Paris.

You might remember from when we first launched Illatos Lang that I have French heritage and so this collection is dedicated to my late grandmother – Lucy. All 6 fragrances are named to reflect the inspiration.

The whole design is pure luxury. A luxury that we all deserve. A luxury you are proud to gift a special someone.

This candle collection is a home ware piece to put in pride place when you are relaxing after a long day at work, wine in hand – of course.
A piece to light before your guests arrive to encase your house in a mesmerising scent.
It’s the perfect gift when you want to show someone how much they mean to you, it’s the perfect flicker of a flame.

A minimalistic approach was the focus with the design ensuring the scented flame takes pride place.
Encasing the candles is a black rigid designer box which is designed to be re-purposed. As well as the glass vessel which can be carefully washed out with hot soapy water and re-purposed. Make-up brush holder, plant succulents, Let your imagine run wild!

Carefully we chose 6 amazing luxury scents that will suit any theme and mood in your space.

Highlighting a limited edition piece with our Noir candle. Black glass, black wax = black on black. Pure sexiness! This scent is very special to me and one that evokes memories and moments from everyone who smells it. Once the wicks are lit, it is like looking into black glass – So seductive. Noir perfectly catches love in the air with its sophisticated melange of Bergamot and Sheer Musk. Surrender is inevitable. This scent relentlessly expresses its seductive and sensual power. The femininity of rose notes envelops you.

We carefully chose another 5 luxury fragrances to pour into the white vessel. We wanted something different with the scents and spent hours sampling and testing to bring you unique and delectable scents so there is something for everyone!

Cuir de Luxe (luxury leather) Leather & Burnt Sugar
A modern classic, which is raw yet polished, and sexy, yet sophisticated. It evokes luxury leather.

La Mer (the sea) Grapefruit & waterlily
La Mer invokes the sea. The waves caressing the shoreline releasing bubbles of water lily create a sense of calm. With uplifting grapefruit notes that excite fond memories of a clean scent during long lost summer days. The oceanic essence instantly promotes a refreshing feeling of relaxation of the surrounding beauty.

Bordeaux – Tobacco and Tonka bean
Bordeaux is seductive and sultry. Impressions evoke the fresh herbaceous and citrus notes. The lingering base of creamy Tonka bean and woods softens the velvety appeal of the orient. With a masculine edge that is infinitely relaxing and comforting

Jardin (garden) Peony petals & suede
The allure of peony petals and suede exudes the essence of grace. Blooming peonies flirt with the crisp bite of the luscious Fuji apple. The sophisticated luxury of jasmine and rose entwine with the sheer sensuality of soft suede.

Saisons (seasons) Blackcurrant & Fir needle
Wander through the magical forest, sun glistering through the trees; you embrace the uplifting scent of fir needle. The freshness of blackcurrant lingers on the senses whilst morning rose petals soften in the breeze. A truly strong, uplifting and fresh scent that will continue to capture.

L’amour is still and will remain 100% soy wax so you can be assured your luxury scented candle is not emitting any nasties into your air. All fragrances are body safe also.

To accompany each scented candle, we created a reed diffuser in each fragrance to match. Poured into a white Boston glass bottle with black reeds, it is the perfect accompaniment to our candle range. These will last up to 6 + months.

We hope you love and enjoy the scented flame with our new French inspired L’amour collection. Be prepared to be addicted.

Enjoy! Jade x